Portable Toilets

Turner Sanitation offers real quality units along with great customer service.  We have a variety of units to choose from ranging from construction, party, handicap, flushable, and hand sinks. We do graduation home parties, local events, fairs, weddings, and all other occasions.

Construction units are rented by the month.  They will be pumped cleaned once a week and resupplied with toilet paper and hand sanitizer lotion. If ordered during the month the 1st month is pro-rated so you only pay for time in which you have the unit on site.

Party units and handicaps are used for most any event and should be book in advance.  No deposit is required and there are no delivery charges and each unit comes with supplies and a hand sanitizer dispensers.

Flush units are self contained units that used a foot pump to dispose of waste and also have a hand sink, soap, and paper towels. Ideal for weddings!  

Wash stations (sinks) are free standing, 2 station units.  They are self contained and come with soap and paper towels.

Septic Pumping

Turner Sanitation offers a variety of septic pumping services, ranging from commercial to residential, large jobs or small.  We are licensed and bonded and have trucks on the road Monday thru Friday. Weekend pumping services are available at an overtime rate in case of an emergency.  We have large trucks for any size tanks and a smaller truck for those hard to get into places.  Pumping services can be done within a couple of days or same day depending on time of season and/or if an emergency arises.  It would best to call ahead for an appointment as we try to accommodate the customer as to their availability.

We also offer septic inspections for houses being bought or sold. (house must have been lived in within the last 30 days in order to properly conduct the stress test on the field)  Pumping the tank at time of inspection is also required to check the condition of the tank and to check for runback from the field after stress test.

Minor repair is also offered, such as outlet pipe replacement and the installation of risers and lids.